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Mercury 9CM
Credit: Worldwide Auctioneers 2021

Fun Fact – The Frenzy for History

In 1946, the post-war car market was at a ridiculous high. Often referred to as a frenzy, peace-time production was at the top of every company’s thoughts.

The first all-new post-war Mercury was the 1949 Series 9CM. Despite the boring name, it was Mercury’s most important vehicle.

Ultimately, it was the last vehicle designed by Edsel Ford and was originally created for the Ford lineup. Edsel believed that Ford’s needed a new standard-size vehicle. The 9CM was to be the brand’s new normal size.

After Edsel’s death, the new leadership deemed the car too big for Ford, moving it over to the larger Mercury line. It went on to be a huge and groundbreaking success for the brand.