Why Buy Used Cars? – 6 Reasons to Shop Used

Ah, there is Sell My Car Colorado talking about used cars again. Yes, we are. For good reason this time (I promise). As long as we have aspirations of work and travel as a species, there will always be an influx of car buyers. Until we create Jetsons-Esque flying vehicles with trap doors and emission-less fuel capacity, people will be buying cars. But, the forever-looming question still stands. Why buy used cars? Are used cars more beneficial than buying a brand-new vehicle off the lot?

We are experts here. We deal with used car sales every day. While we may not preach that our word is the golden rule, we know the market and sustainability of used vehicles. Should you buy a used car? Have used vehicles shaken the stigma of being unreliable money pits? Let’s discuss.

Here are six reasons why to buy used cars.

1. Save Yourself Money!

Well, duh. Used cars cost less money than new ones; this statement is both obvious and flippant. Everyone knows this. Well, let us clarify.

Let’s go back to the point of stigma. A common misconception about used vehicles is their overall lack of, well. Prestige? Simply put, we have gone too long believing that buying a used car is a negative mark on your appearance. Sure, a used car may come with the wear and tear of the previous owner, but this should not be seen as a demerit on you as a person. Used purchases should not be relegated to new drivers’ first cars and those that don’t care about what they drive.

Sure, buying a used car may have been seen as a cop-out 30 years ago, but this was also when buying a new house cost 15 strawberries. Consequently, we live in an expensive world. In fact, even used car prices have hit a surprising high over the past two years (I wonder why).

Let’s call a spade a spade. The world is extremely expensive. If you are looking to buy a car and have a particular model in mind, buying a slightly older and used version can save you thousands. There’s nothing wrong with saving money in 2022.

2. Fewer Registration Fees

Let’s stick to our favorite topic, money. Buying used does more than save you money on the sticker price. It saves you money throughout the entire buying process.

One continuously eye-raising concept of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is its calculation of registration fees. Obviously, it is a requirement to register your new car with your state. How are these fees calculated, though? Well, they are based on the purchase value of the vehicle. The less you pay for a vehicle, the less you have to pay for registration. It is as simple as that.

Buy a slightly used car for less money than a new one, and pay significantly less on registration fees. Boom. You just saved even more cash.

3. Cheaper Insurance

Oh no. We aren’t done talking about money, baby!

Like vehicle registration, insurance fees are dependent on the value of the vehicle. The less a vehicle is worth, the less you have to pay to insure it. You don’t want to fall into a financial pit by buying an extremely cheap vehicle, but there is a middle ground. Let’s say you buy a slightly-used car for thousands less than the new model; you will see a significant decrease in the insurance rates. A penny saved is a penny up (that’s what they say. Right?).

Furthermore, if your used car is a temporary convenience, you do not have to embellish your insurance rates with comprehensive coverage. If your daily driver is easy to fix and more affordable, you can sleep easier after going with a liability policy. Of course, this is up to you. If you are saving money on your car payment, you can afford to splurge on full coverage. It goes both ways.

Regardless, you are saving money somewhere. Why buy used cars? Having deeper pockets is always great.

4. You Can Know Everything

The concept of buying a used car being a gamble is archaic. In the past, used purchases were preceded with an eery air of uncertainty. Is the odometer correct? Was there major damage repaired in the past? Is the seller lying to me?

We live in the internet age. If you can find eyebrow-raising information about any citizen, you can find it about cars. Henceforth, sites like Carfax make buying an easier and more comfortable process. You can look up the entirety of a car’s history. You can see every maintenance recorded and every accident claimed. The uneasiness around private sellers is now a thing of the past.

In coalition with saving money, you can save yourself a future of heartache. Why buy used cars? Because it is cheaper and more reliable than before. If a car you are inspecting seems to have a history of problems, go somewhere else. It’s as easy as that.

5. Less Stress

If you spend less money on a vehicle, you have fewer ties to it. If you have fewer ties to it, you are more likely to overlook a small dent or scratch. This ease of anxiety can lead to a fulfilling experience with your new vehicle. This reasoning is why used cars have been connected to green teens and new drivers for decades.

A small chip on a brand-new vehicle is a soul-crushing experience. A chip on a cheaper vehicle is a lot less disheartening. If you are planning on buying a vehicle for transportation and not for show, then why put yourself in a crisis? Why involve yourself in the heartwrenching experience of flying rocks or small fender benders?

Sure, damage to anything you spend significant money on will hurt. Though less money, less pain.

6. More Options

Have your eye set on a certain model? Looking for a car that has a specific attribute or extra function? Buying used can allow you to find these specificities with efficiency.

Consequently, finding a specific car new can be an arduous process. You may have to look all over. Furthermore, you may get hit with additional fees for add-ons. Buying used allows you to find the specific car you are looking for without the hassle.

You may be looking for a certain model with a certain feature. Maybe this specific car is not manufactured anymore. Finding this prized jewel new may be close to impossible. When searching for a used car, you can scour the market with particular interests in mind. You can find that dream car anywhere and for less money.

Why buy used cars? Because it allows you to find that car.