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If you can sell a refrigerator online, you should be able to sell your used or junk car. It’s that simple. We live in the golden age of technology. Why do car owners still have to deal with pesky private buyers and seedy dealerships?

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Fun Fact – Advertising to a New Market

In the 1960s, Volkswagen decided to take on the American market with a fierce (yet dainty) force.

Their advertising campaign, titled Think Small, decided to take a humorous and direct approach to sell their vehicles. This campaign, mainly focusing on the Beetle, included the copy “Presenting America’s Slowest Fastback,” amongst other straightforward information.

As a company commissioned by Adolf Hitler, the German manufacturer had a hard time fitting in with post-war America. Luckily, the comedic-yet-true approach worked well for the company, allowing them to settle into a market that once rejected them.

To this day, Volkswagen is still a widely popular brand in the US, partly due to the revolutionary campaign. According to DesignShack, the ad copy revolutionized the advertising industry forever.