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Dealing with selling your used or junk vehicle privately can be a huge hassle. Not only do you have to navigate selling sites and posts, and keep up with messages and inquiries, but you also must understand the market and going prices. It’s painstaking.

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Fun Fact – Rough Beginnings Weren’t the End

Overall, the German manufacturer had every force against it during its beginning years.

Firstly, the company was founded and commissioned by Adolf Hitler in 1934 in order to create vehicles for German families. Which, in hindsight, seemed to be a mark of death for the company after the war.

During World War II, the company was pushed to only create artillery, slowing car production to a halt. Seemingly then, the company wouldn’t make it through.

Volkswagen, or ‘the peoples’ car’ in German, prevailed off of solid intentions and quality manufacturing. In 2016, the vehicle was the biggest car company in the world in regard of sales.