Selling Car – What to Do if You Don’t Have Your Car’s Title

Apply for a Duplicate Title in Colorado

If your title is lost or damaged, apply for a duplicate at your local Colorado DMV. You’ll need to fill out specific forms and may be required to provide proof of identity and vehicle ownership. For more detailed information and to access the necessary forms, you can visit the Colorado DMV and DMV.ORG.

To apply for a duplicate car title in Colorado, you need to follow specific steps, as outlined by the Colorado Department of Revenue and other sources:

  1. Determine Eligibility: You can apply for a duplicate title if your original title is illegible, lost, stolen, mutilated, or altered.
  2. Gather Required Documentation: You will need the following:
    • A completed Duplicate Title Request and Receipt form.
    • Secure and verifiable identification, particularly for vehicles purchased on or after July 1, 2006.
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or Colorado title number.
    • Payment of $8.20 for the duplicate title fee.
    • A power of attorney is required if applying on behalf of the owner.
    • A lien release for all active liens, if applicable.
  3. Applying for the Duplicate Title: You have two options to apply:
    • In-Person: Visit your nearest county motor vehicle office in Colorado with the required materials. Walk-in requests are accepted.
    • By Mail: Send the necessary documents, including a self-addressed stamped envelope for return, to:

Colorado Department of Revenue
DMV – Titles Section
Denver CO 80217

  1. Notes on Liens: If there is a lien on the vehicle, you will need a notarized lien release on the lienholder’s letterhead. The release should include details like the vehicle make and year, VIN, owner’s name, agent’s signature, and date of lien release.
  2. Payment: Include the duplicate title fee of $8.20. For mail applications, this should be in the form of a check or money order payable to the “Colorado Department of Revenue”.
  3. Turnaround Time: The time it takes to receive your duplicate title may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the DMV for current processing times.

Remember, only owners, lienholders, or authorized agents can apply for duplicate titles. In case of any confusion or specific situations like repossession, it’s best to contact your county office or visit the Colorado DMV website for detailed guidance.

Using a Bill of Sale as Temporary Proof

Using a Bill of Sale as temporary proof of ownership and sale transaction is a common practice, especially in situations where the official title is not immediately available. In Colorado, as in many other states, a Bill of Sale serves as an important document in vehicle transactions. Here’s an expansion on how to use it:

  1. Function of a Bill of Sale: A Bill of Sale is a document that records the details of a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It serves as proof that an item was sold by one party to another and provides details about the transaction.
  2. Contents of a Bill of Sale: Typically, it includes information such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, a description of the item (in this case, the vehicle), the sale date, the amount paid, and signatures of both parties. For vehicles, it should also include the make, model, year, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  3. Temporary Proof of Ownership: In the absence of a title, a Bill of Sale can act as temporary proof of ownership. It’s useful for the buyer as evidence of the purchase and for the seller to keep a record of the sale.
  4. Legal Protection: This document can offer some legal protection to both parties. For the buyer, it’s proof of the terms of sale and ownership until the title is transferred. For the seller, it can help prove that the vehicle was sold “as is” or with specific conditions agreed upon.
  5. Registration and Insurance: While a Bill of Sale is an important document, it alone may not be sufficient for registering the vehicle or obtaining insurance. However, it can be used as part of the required documentation in these processes, especially when waiting for a duplicate title.
  6. Creating a Bill of Sale: There are templates available online, or you can create one that includes all necessary information. Ensure that all details are accurate and that both parties have a signed copy.
  7. State Requirements: Each state may have its specific requirements for what needs to be included in a Bill of Sale. In Colorado, it’s important to check any state-specific requirements to ensure compliance.

Timeframe for Receiving a Duplicate Title

The time it takes to receive a duplicate title varies. Stay informed about processing times and plan your car sale accordingly.

Application MethodTimeframe for Receiving Duplicate TitleCostAdditional Information
In-PersonSame Day (Possible)$8.20Same-day service is available in some cases at DMV offices in Colorado.
Online2-3 Weeks$8.20Applying online through the Colorado DMV website is a faster option compared to mailing.
Mail2-3 Weeks$8.20This includes the time for the postal system to deliver your application and for the DMV to process and return the title.
Expedited Processing1-2 Weeks$28.20 (additional $20 for expedited service)Expedited processing is available for an additional fee, reducing the waiting time significantly.

Colorado DMV Locations

Here’s a table summarizing the DMV locations in Colorado with their addresses and phone numbers:

CityAddressPhone Number
Fort Collins3030 S. College Ave., #100, CO 80526303-205-5600
Greeley2320 Reservoir Road, Unit A, CO 80634303-205-5600
Longmont917 S. Main St., Suite 600, CO 80501303-205-5600
Loveland118 E. 29th St., Ste F, CO 80538303-205-5600
Akron150 Ash Ave., CO 80720970-345-2404
Fort Morgan231 Prospect St., CO 80701303-205-5600
Julesburg315 Cedar St Ste 220, CO 80737970-474-3346
Holyoke221 S. Interocean, CO 80734970-854-3131
Sterling714 W. Main St., CO 80751303-205-5600
Aurora14391 E. 4th Ave., CO 80011303-205-5600
Boulder2850 Iris Ave., Suite F, CO 80301303-205-5600
Centennial5120 East Arapahoe Road, CO 80122303-205-5600
Denver NE4685 Peoria St., Suite 115, CO 80239303-205-5600
Golden16950 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 104, CO 80401303-205-5600
Lakewood1881 Pierce St., CO 80214303-205-5600
Westminster8464 Federal Blvd, CO 80031303-205-5600
For more information, visit the Colorado DMV website.