Donate Your Vehicle – Why and How to Give Your Car to Charity

Every day it seems as if we are posting more and more about the flux in the used car market. Prices are high, demands are skyrocketing and the future is unseen. It can seem a bit strange and unreasonable to wax poetic about how to donate your vehicle in these trying times, so we will try to avoid that.

Maybe you have an unwanted vehicle that you do not need to sell. Maybe you have the itch to work with a good cause, helping others flourish in such trying times. Regardless of your reasons, it can be a confusing process if you are looking to donate your vehicle. Simply put, many don’t even think of giving away their vehicle as an option. Unfortunately, it isn’t a commonly practiced process in our modern society.

We are here to break the silence and inform you about vehicle donations. Here are a few ways to donate your vehicle and why you should do so.

Reason 1: Help Out a Cause

Donating to a charity you back or agree with seems obvious. You support their cause and financially fund their efforts. As we stated, donating a used or junk vehicle to a charity often gets overlooked, but it’s just as good (if not better) than donating money.

Even if your vehicle is broken down, it may have better usage going to a charity that can fix it up. Repair costs can be pricey, but they are usually less than purchasing an entire vehicle. If you’ve got a car rusting away in your driveway (or even worse, backyard), why not give it to a charity you support?

Consequently, the concept of donating a vehicle can lead to a variety of uses. Charities like Goodwill may use the vehicle to help denizens. Whether delivering groceries to those in need, driving people to doctor’s appointments, or other charitable actions, your unused car may find itself in a place of humanitarian causes.

Furthermore, if the car is not of use, it can still be sold to help charities fund further efforts. We’re sure you’ve heard the buzzing and ear-worming ads for Kars4Kids (and now you’re probably singing it). Charities like this take car proceeds to fund children’s programs.

Skeptical of national charities and their missions? That’s okay. Even reaching out to local donation centers and colleges can lead to some heartwarming opportunities to give your vehicle to those in need.

Reason 2: Receive a Tax Write-Off

While the concept of personal gain should never be tied to donations, it’s still something to point out.

We won’t explain the entire process hear, for it has become lengthy and arduous. Regardless, donating a vehicle worth more than $500 to a nonprofit organization can lead to a tax deduction on next year’s taxes.

When you donate a vehicle, you should receive paperwork regarding the sale of the car or its usage towards the charity. This paperwork can be used to reduce your taxable income for the year.

That’s a win-win.

Reason 3: Avoid the Hassle of No Title

If you have lost the title of your vehicle, working through the steps to obtain it can be painstaking. Furthermore, if that vehicle is wasting away in a garage, the effort of regaining the paperwork may not be worth it. You cannot sell a vehicle without a title, but some charities will allow you to donate it.

If you don’t have a vehicle’s title and don’t plan on using it, donate it. While this may lead to a reduced tax deduction, the nonprofit can still find value in the lost cause. They may sell the car for scraps, but it gets it out of your hands and gets money in their funds.

How to Donate Your Vehicle: Things to Remember

If you have decided to donate your used or junk vehicle, there are a few things and red flags to look out for. While donating to national charities is usually a simple and practiced process, picking a lesser-known or local charity requires a few steps on your behalf.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your vehicle is going to a good and actual cause. You also want to make sure you receive the right paperwork and qualifications for your tax write-offs.

Remove License Plate and Other Items

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s always good to remind people. Make sure to remove your license plate from your vehicle before donating it. Clear your car of any items, trash and paperwork.

A nonprofit may not argue about a donated car being clean, but it’s always nice to polish up the vehicle before doing so. Giving away a used vehicle with a pile of trash and caked mud is… Well. Not nice. Though, if you’re donating a junk car, there may only be so much sprucing up you can accomplish.

Do Your Research and Avoid Red Flags

If you are donating a vehicle to a charity you’ve never heard of, do a quick Google search about them. It should be fairly easy to find information about the nonprofit. If not, you may be working in a rather seedy situation.

Overall, you want to make sure that your vehicle is going to an actual charity. If you pick a local or unfamiliar nonprofit, make sure to check them out and ask about their overall message.

Get a Receipt After You Donate Your Vehicle

Donating your unwanted vehicle may just be a way to get a hunk of metal off your property. If you don’t have much care about where it goes or how it’s used, that’s fine. But don’t let a speedy process keep you from reaping the benefits of your unselfish actions.

You must have a receipt or written acknowledgment to claim your donation’s tax write-off. Ultimately, you should receive a written receipt as a hand-off when you donate the vehicle. Depending on how the car is used by the charity, you may receive a written letter or Form 1098-C afterward.

If you want to use your deduction on your taxes, you must make sure you receive these forms. If a charity doesn’t hand you a receipt at the end of the deal, then something may be awry.

Avoid the Hassle. We Will Donate Your Vehicle for You!

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